DUI/DWAI in Colorado

DUI/DWAI in Colorado

A DUI conviction in Colorado is costly and has long-term effects, not just on your wallet, but also on your lifestyle and your ability to work. In Colorado, drivers convicted of a DUI may lose their licenses for a full year or longer, and are subject to interlock devices, community service, alcohol evaluation as well as fines, fees and other costs.

For persons convicted of a second or third offense, the penalties are even tougher, with mandatory jail time, higher fines, and tougher provisions requiring installation of ignition interlock system on your vehicle for up to two years to assure you don’t get behind the wheel while intoxicated.

If you are arrested some or all of the following may happen:

  • You’ll be detained by the police and read your rights
  • Your car will be impounded and towed away
  • You’ll be handcuffed and taken to a police station or county jail in a police cruiser
  • You’ll be offered a breath or blood test, the officer will immediately take your driver’s license and you may stand the risk of losing your license for one year or longer
  • You will be held in a jail cell or an alcohol detox facility until you are sober or no longer a danger to yourself or others
  • You will be required to pay bail to be released from jail

Vehicular Homicide
Vehicular Homicide is a Class III Felony in Colorado. If you are convicted of drunk driving in a crash in which a person is killed, you can be sentenced to a minimum four years in prison and the judge may sentence you up to 12 years in prison.

Serious Bodily Injury-Vehicular Assault
If you are convicted of drunk driving in a crash in which another person is seriously injured, the crime of Vehicular Assault is a Class IV Felony. You can be sentenced to a minimum of two years in prison, or you could receive a sentence of up to six years in prison.

Driving Under License Suspension of Revocation
If you are caught driving while your license if under suspension or revocation for a DUI offense, you face mandatory 30 days in jail.

Colorado has stepped up its drunk driving enforcement with a commitment to reducing alcohol-related injuries and deaths. Police and sheriff agencies statewide, the Colorado State Patrol, and Colorado State Parks participate in intensive enforcement efforts such as “The Heat Is On and DUI Checkpoint Colorado”.


Penalties as of 2017


The cost of being arrested and convicted of drunk driving in Colorado is expensive. What individual offenders pay will vary based on different factors. The costs outlined below are average costs and not inclusive. The cost below don’t include the DMV expenses such as interlock and SR22 insurance. Each case is different and while some costs may be less, others may be higher. A second or third offense will cost much more than a first offense. Below are some costs, which do not include other costs such as costs associated with loss of license or Interlock devises, job loss, and loss of a family member.



My firm thanks you for not driving while impaired or under the influence. Please make it your lifelong commitment to always have a designated driver or call a cab. If you are out and find that your ability to drive is impaired and you are without transportation, please call a cab and bring your receipt to our office – we will reimburse you $25 of your cab fee. 

Please keep yourself safe and keep our families safe.

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