Welcome to Columbine Law Group, PC Cale Kennamer – Associate Attorney

Welcome to Columbine Law Group, PC Cale Kennamer – Associate Attorney

Cale Kennamer grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast, where he was fortunate enough to have a unique upbringing. Cale’s mother was an artist, photographer, English teacher, and a gymnastics and ballet instructor. His father was lawyer, a farmer, and an athlete. All of this rubbed off on Cale who grew up in the rice fields and the gym with his dad and tagging along with his mother on various art projects she would be working on while pursuing her masters degree in art.  Cale also helped his mother rehabilitate orphaned raccoons through the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition.

Losing both of his parents at a young age (mother at 19 and father at 25) after having such close relationships with both of them taught Cale to truly value people and relationships and take no time for granted. These experiences strengthened his resolve and molded a compassion that he strives to deliver to each of his clients. One of his goals as an attorney is to apply these values to work everyday so that he can help people who are going through tough experiences and need someone on their side.

Outside of work, Cale enjoys learning about and experiencing nature and the outdoors. Cale is a member two zoos and is an avid animal lover. He has always spent as much time outside as possible. So, it was natural for Cale to fall in love with Colorado’s natural beauty. He traded the ocean for the mountains and moved here to live in and care for one of the most beautiful places in the country and its citizens. As a “transplant” he deems it extremely important to demonstrate his dedication to contribute Colorado and its people in a meaningful way, which his work at Columbine Law Group gives him the opportunity to do.

Cale spends as much of his free time as possible exercising or doing some type of outdoor recreation. Camping, backpacking, skiing, paddling, fly fishing – you name it, Cale wants to do it. He loves traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures.

Cale also loves baseball. He was lucky enough to have the opportunity to walk on the baseball team at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX. Someday, in some function, he would love to get involved in athletics again.

Cale spent his law school years in Oklahoma City, OK where he attended Oklahoma City University School of Law. During this time, he interned at the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office and did an environmental internship at Conservation Law Foundation in Providence, RI. Cale also worked with his father to prepare SEC filings for a renewable energy startup seeking to construct solid waste recycling facilities across the country. Most recently, he worked at a large personal injury firm in Denver, CO.

Cale is very excited to bring this unique mix of experiences and his impassioned perspective to Columbine Law Group and looks forward to being a member a dynamic practice.



Law School: Oklahoma City University School of Law
College: Lamar University





“Welcome to the firm Cale! We are excited to have you!” ~ Shelly K. Rosnik

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