I returned to the Colorado Front Range after obtaining my undergraduate degree from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Upon my return, I attended the University of Denver College of Law. During law school, I clerked for a small firm in Denver and stayed on at that firm following graduation and later started my own practice. I obtained valuable experience in civil litigation, small business matters, estate planning, immigration, and family law. I had valuable courtroom experience and had the opportunity to participate in several appeals, including successfully arguing a case before the Colorado Supreme Court. During the time prior to attending law school and practicing law, as well as after closing my office, I have had a great deal of broad ranging experience dealing with people and their problems in a day-to day practical fashion. In 2018, after almost 16 years running a successful restaurant, I decided to return to the practice of law to use my legal training and my experience to help people and businesses solve their problems that have arisen in the legal arena.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I moved to Colorado after a two week vacation at the age of 21. I fell in love with the people, landscape, and climate of Colorado and can hardly imagine living anywhere else. I enjoy traveling around Colorado and the Southwest. Both when I travel and at home, I enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing, and cycling. I am also an avid nature photographer.

“Welcome to the firm Michael! We are excited to have you!” ~ Shelly K. Rosnik

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