Family Law Matters in Colorado

Many of these family law legal issues are sure to be one of the toughest times in your life. Many of these issues may include domestic violence and child abuse which add complexity to any case. As a Colorado family law attorney Shelly Rosnik understands the drastic life changes you are about to go through. Columbine Law Group, PC can help guide you through the difficulties and stresses related to divorce and/or child custody matters. Shelly knows that it takes compassion, understanding, and commitment to get through these trying times. Shelly has helped many families dealing with a variety of issues including emotional, physical, and financial abuse and how all abuse plays into family law matters. Family law matters include: Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce), Legal Separation, Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (parenting time & decision making), Maintenance, Child Support, Post Dissolution Actions, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse.

How long is the divorce process?
“If everything goes smoothly, all parties are fairly amicable, all agreements are reached, and all mandatory documents are filed timely with the court you may receive your decree 91 days after your spouse was served the initial summons and petition or s/he signed a waiver acknowledging receipt of the initial summons and petition. If this is not the case then it may take anywhere from three months to a couple years depending on how litigious or complicated your case may be.”

My former spouse hasn’t been paying child support, now what?
“You may contact the Child Support Enforcement office or file a motion for contempt citation with the court. Please be aware that it may take a long time for either proceeding to get your former spouse to comply with court orders, if ever. This does put a huge financial burden on your family making it very difficult to make ends meet.” 

My spouse is abusive and I don’t know how to leave. What should I do first?
“Most every county has a crisis center ( – Douglas County, CO) you can contact and seek a secure place to live while getting out of an abusive relationship. Depending on the severity of the abuse, family members or friends may offer a good safe alternative so long as you are not endangering them. If you are in imminent danger you can call 911 if you are able. When there are children involved it may get even more complicated but also more important that you remove your children from the abusive environment. You may also file a protection order ( and if initially granted your abusive spouse will be required to vacate the house and find alternative living arrangements during the proceeding. Be advised that after the hearing which will be within 14 days s/he may be allowed to return to the home if it is not made permanent. Abusive relationships are precarious and vary in degree of your safety. If you are able, always seek legal advice to ensure your best safety options.”


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